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We are here to support you

For Operators

Are you an operator and you want to unleash the potential that digitalisation has to offer for your company? We are here to support you and save you the hard and boring work.

In today’s hyper-connected digital world consumers are getting used to cutting-edge technology innovations like voice assistants, chatbots and smartphones. As a result, businesses are under tremendous pressure to deliver personalised, seamless and on-demand services and experiences. For companies that choose to be disruptors, instead of being disrupted by competitors, the need for speed and agility has never been greater. We strongly believe that the only way forward to unlock digital potential is the adoption of API-driven strategies.

Our expertise focuses on creating, managing and maintaining GTFS feeds. Simply put, we support you in digitalising your timetables and real-time information. By going digital you can better serve your existing customers and even expand your customer-reach.   

For platforms and apps 

Do you have a platform or an app and you want add mobility services in Greece? Our API makes it possible to integrate Greek inter-city bus services in your own app.

For employers

Are you an employer and you want to support your employees with flexible travel options? We are here to support you. Our strategy and policy experts can support you in promoting sustainable travel, free up your parking space and encourage vehicle sharing in one go, while mapping and keeping track of your overall travel expenditure.

We are here to support you!

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