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Velos is the app you need to find your way in Greece.


Did you know that Greece has an excellent inter-city bus service? KTEL is the name of the Greek inter-city bus system. So if you are in Greece and you want to go for example from Athens to Patras, then taking the bus is your most comfortable and green alternative. The majority of KTEL buses are like modern tour buses, with comfortable seats, Wi-Fi connection and room for your luggage underneath the bus and in the racks inside.

Download Velos app and find out the best routes and times for you to discover Greece by bus. Find your way in Greece with Velos. With our revolutionary app, Velos, you can plan all your trips in Greece. Enter your trip from A to B and we will immediately show you up-to-date travel information from the main bus companies (KTEL) in Greece.

In the meantime, we are working hard to improve our app based on your feedback and add more functionalities such as booking and paying your trip.

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